DTBT-DialUp BitTorrent Tracker

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Brief Description

DTBT is a BitTorrent tracker for DialUp users. It is extension of well-known BitTorrent tracker BNBT. DTBT is implementation of the proposed extension in BitTorrent protocol for DialUp users(called DitTorrent) and it can be used with client present in module named dittorrent-daemon.

DTBT uses interval trees for efficient searching. The implementation used is customized version of implementation provided by Dr. Emin Martinian at http://web.mit.edu/~emin/www/index.html.


Basic Questions

What is DitTorrent?

DitTorrent is an extension in BitTorrent Protocol for DialUp users proposed by NEWT group at Lahore University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.


Does DTBT work with vanilla(Original) BitTorrent Clients?

DTBT is an extension of BNBT tracker. It woks with DitTorrent Cients as well as BitTorrent Clients.


What changes are made to the BNBT?

Files modified can be checked in change-log.



DTBT is developed on Windows™ using MS Visual Studio™ but can be developed on other platforms as well. Kindly see the BNBT compilation page at http://bnbt.depthstrike.com/index.php?title=BNBT:Documentation:Compiling .



Ahsan Latif Chudhary

Research Associate

Lahore University of Management Science,

Lahore, Pakistan.