Dittorrent is a peer-to-peer dialup system for accelerated “Internet access” in the developing world. Dittorrent provides a mechanism for multiplexing the scarce and expensive international Internet bandwidth over higher bandwidth p2p dialup connections within a developing country. Our system combines a number of architectural components, such as incentive-driven p2p data transfer, intelligent connection interleaving and content-prefetching. Dittorrent's incentive-driven dialup p2p data transfer architecture is inspired by Bittorrent". For more information read the following paper: Saif, U., Latif, A., Butt, S. F., and Butt, N. F., Poor Man's Broadband: Peer-to-Peer Dialup Networking, In ACM SIGCOMM CCR Journal, vol. 37, no. 5, October 2007.

Source code can be downloaded from CVS of this project...
which is at CVS

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There are three modules

1) dittorrent-daemon
2) dittorrent-plugin
3) dittorrent-tracker